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The Sun
Similar to the Star- You will receive 12 monthly readings AND 52 weekly readings! For the weekly reading I will draw 7 cards, one for each day of the week. You will receive your reading each Monday. Your monthly reading will arrive on the first of the month. All readings will come with pictures of the cards and a detailed explanation! 

List price $300 
The Star
A (1) year subscription. Find out what's in store for the month ahead! On the first of every month I will send you (via) email a detailed reading complete with a picture of the cards I draw for you. 12 readings in all! Prior to the first reading we will spend a few minutes on the phone so I can connect with you!

List price- $200 
Tree of Life
A complex reading using all 78 cards of the deck. This reading combines Kabbalah and Tarot to map your place in the world. It will illuminate all areas of your self. This is an extremely in-depth and complex reading. What you can expect- we will talk for 30-45 minutes, then I will draw your cards while we are still connected. Putting the reading together takes two weeks. You will receive a binder with your reading with full pictures and a very detailed explanation that will be mailed to you. After you receive it and have a chance to read it, we will reconnect and go over the reading- this should take about an hour. This is an extremely profound reading.

List price- $500 
Looking for that perfect and unique gift? Give the gift that can transform a life! Your special person will receive a beautiful certificate complete with a personal note from you. Available for Readings and Special Packages.Please allow two weeks for delivery- Overnight and 2 Day Priority Mail where available for additional cost. Tax included.

One Hour Reading- $100.00                                                   Regular Mail- Free

30 Minute Reading- $50.00                                                     2 Day Priority- $5.00

Birthday/ New Years- $125.00                                                  

The Star Package- $200.00                                                      Overnight- $20.00

The Sun Package- $300.00                                                     

Tree of Life Reading- $500.00           
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