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Clear your mind 
& your time!

Set aside a time for your reading when you will have the least amount of distractions. Children, pets, bosses, ringing phones.... all will disrupt the flow and focus of your reading. So pick a time and place where you will have quiet and privacy. If this is difficult, an email reading may be perfect for you.



Think about what you would like to get out of your reading.  It is likely that if you are seeking guidance with a reader/ life coach that a major life event or issue is in front of you.  Focus on that issue.  It doesn't matter who shuffles the cards (you or I), what is important is what you were focusing on.

Perfect your Questions!

Tarot is very literal.  It will answer exactly what you ask.  For example:

"Am I going to get a job this year?" 

The answer might be yes, but it could be even worse than the last one!  Try:  

"Should I stay in my current career?""Am I suited for a career in.... ?" or " Is it wise to accept this job?".


Stay engaged! Often, when a reading isn't making sense, more cards can be laid to clarify or give more insight. Or the question can be re-phrased.  It is your reading!  So please ask questions!