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Frequently Asked Questions
Question- What is Tarot?

Answer- Tarot is a form of divination. Using cards that are rich in symbolism and meaning, the reader will use different spreads depending on the questions asked and interpret the cards for the client. There are many forms of divination such as Runes, Pendulums, and Tea Leaves.

Question- What type of question can I ask?

Answer- It would be easier to answer what questions it won't answer! Number 1 on the list is winning lottery numbers! You can ask if it would be wise for you to gamble on a certain day. Asking about other people's lives when the situation does not involve you directly is also not productive. It is unethical, as well as a question that will most likely produce murky results at best. But the truth is that sky's the limit, just remember the Tarot is very literal- meaning it will answer exactly what you ask, so phrasing the question is very important.

Question- What if I don't have any specific questions?

Answer- No problem! A general reading will highlight any areas of your life that need your attention. The Tarot will tell you what you need to know.

Question- How long a reading should I get?

Answer- That depends on you. I generally tell people if you have a few specific questions the 30 minute reading is fine, however if we are starting with a general reading or you have many areas of your life you have concerns about, the full hour would be better. By popular demand I have added email readings for your convenience.

Question- I have some questions I don't see here?

Answer- Please contact me! Use the box provided and give me your email address and I will answer any questions you have within 24 hours!

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