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I received my first Tarot deck in 1996. Like most people, I was skeptical at first. After years of practice, researching its history and learning from respected authors and readers, my own readings gained accuracy. I began reading for family and friends and finally made the leap to professional. I have helped hundreds of people change their lives.

I am also a Paramedic and love to help people. While caring for people medically is very satisfying, the best part is the chance to emotionally help people when they are having a very difficult time. When my Tarot clients come to me, many are in a place where they are lost, confused, scared, or hurt. Giving honest and accurate readings doesn't always mean you get to tell your clients what they want to hear, or good news. I really focus on giving the information in a way that sets my clients at ease so they can have the most positive outcome. Empathy and compassion are key to a positive reading.

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